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Fun in Sobriety

Book Details

Fun in Sobriety: Learning to live sober and enjoy life to its fullest

ISBN-13: 9781938413889

ISBN-10: 1938413881

Publisher: AA Grapevine

Published: 2022

Publisher's Synopsis

Fun in Sobriety features 50-plus inspiring stories by members of Alcoholics Anonymous about the many ways they’ve learned to have a good time. Getting sober is not easy, but through taking action and developing a sober network, life can begin to take on new, exciting adventures. The stories in this book show how AA members have enhanced their lives now that they’re sober. Chapters include: travel (road trips, cruises, etc.), outdoor activities (hiking, biking, camping), arts & hobbies (dancing, singing, painting, carpentry), social events (parties, holidays, events) and, of course interesting AA activities and sober events.

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