Sober Together


Main Features

Free features:

  • Meet new people – Post daily video or voice message check-ins and connect with real people
  • Give and receive support – reply to check-ins with video or voice message
  • Sobriety Counter

Producers Description

Sober Together is a safe community for people in recovery to connect and support each other. It’s kind of like having an AA or NA meeting in your pocket.


Each day community members are encouraged to check in by posting a video or voice-only message. Unlike in-person or online video meetings, you can post your check-in any time.


Check-ins can be short or long and include whatever you’re inspired to share that day. You can simply state your name and how long you’ve been sober or share a personal story about your sobriety journey. The daily check-in also includes a question of the day that you can optionally answer as part of your check-in.


After checking in, you can post video and voice replies to others’ check-ins that you found inspiring, those you feel could use your encouragement and support, or anything in between. Replies can go back and forth, helping to build connections with other people in the app.


About Privacy

Sober Together gives you complete control over your privacy. Last names are not collected, and you can use a pseudonym and a non-identifiable profile photo if you’d like. We also support voice-only for check-ins and replies if you prefer to stay off-camera