This Isn't Me - Sonia Grimes

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This Isn’t Me

ISBN-13: 9781974156306

ISBN-10: 1974156303

Author: Grimes, Sonia

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Published: 2017

Publisher's Synopsis

What makes one person a social drinker and another an alcoholic? How is it that some can drink for years and not become addicted, whilst others seem to freefall in a matter of months straight into the abyss of alcoholism? Can you feel the point of ‘alcoholic no-return’ racing towards you, or does it approach with stealth, drawing you in and then like a Venus Fly Trap, snap shut over your unsuspecting head tightening its grip as you struggle to escape? This book is about my struggle and ultimate survival. In writing this book I hope to reach out to those that are suffering and lost and give them the hope and inspiration to fight their demons and go on to live happier lives.