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  • Access to the Alcohol Experiment 
  • Lifetime access to 300+ searchable Q&A Videos that explore sober topics
  • A Global Community –   Public and Private communities
  • Live streams and events throughout the year
  • Single destination for all This Naked Mind Programs

  • Full TNM Event Calendar

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Producers Description

Join the global community, created by Annie Grace, that started the Sober Curious movement and is dedicated to exploring our relationship with alcohol without rules, blame, or shame.


We believe you can Drink Less, Moderate, Get Sober, Stop Drinking or anything in between. This journey is up to YOU and you alone and, if you join us, you will NEVER be judged for your personal journey.


We will never tell you that you have to stop drinking. In fact, we care much more about how you want to feel than how much you drink.


We don’t believe in labels like ‘alcoholic’. In fact, we help you understand why labels like this are scientifically incorrect and often keep people drinking more than they would like.


We don’t believe in ‘relapse,’ ‘falling off the wagon,’ or ‘starting over’. In fact, the idea that this is an ‘all or nothing’ journey often makes people unwilling to question their relationship with alcohol.


We believe there are far better questions than: ‘am I an alcoholic’ or ‘do I need to stop drinking’. In fact, the best question you can ask yourself is “would I be happier drinking a bit less alcohol?”


(And then go through The Alcohol Experiment to find out! The answers may surprise you as they have hundreds of thousands of others.)


We believe (and can prove with neuroscience) that your drinking too much *is not your fault!*. In fact, we KNOW that you have been doing the best you can with the tools you have, you’ve just been given the wrong tools.


We help you realize your true POWER in this conversation. In fact, we’ve seen science that proves that accepting powerlessness is contrary to lasting change.


And most importantly, we believe that just because you drink too much doesn’t mean you are broken (or diseased or doomed or anything else). In fact, when you awaken self compassion, which we do all day every day, instead of shame and blame, your path to change becomes easier (and dare we say, even fun!)





*Free access to The Alcohol Experiment. A 30 day challenge that over 350,000 people have loved. As featured in: People Magazine, Good Morning America, Forbes, Red Table Talk, The Wall Street Journal, Nightline, NPR, Newsweek and The BBC.


*Free lifetime access to 300+ Q&A Videos that explore topics like; how to socialize without a drink, sober sex, why is drinking so hard for some and easy for others, is there a genetic component to drinking too much, and so much more.


*The best global community on the planet. We are all here to support each other, no matter where we are or where we came from.


*Live streams and events throughout the year where you can join Annie Grace & Scott Pinyard as well as other This Naked Mind Certified Coaches LIVE.







*Mental Health

*Personal Development

*Habit Change


*Sober Curious


*Living Alcohol Free





*Public and Private Communities

*Single destination for all TNM Programs

*Full TNM Event Calendar

*Podcast library

*Searchable Q&A video library with over 300 videos





We aim to provide effective, grace-led and compassion-led programs based on This Naked Mind & The Alcohol Experiment that are aimed to help people find peace, joy, and freedom in their lives by taking control of their relationship with alcohol – whatever that means to them. And we aim to prove our methods through science and efficacy-based studies that ultimately revolutionize the way addiction is treated to make it more effective, science-based and with a foundation of grace & compassion.


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