Drowning: A Memoir - Andy Palmer

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Drowning: A Memoir – Andy Palmer

ISBN-13: 979-8654872067

Authors: Palmer, Andy

Publisher: Independently Published 

Published: 2020

Publisher's Synopsis

Andy is trying to escape. His diet of booze and drugs has pushed everything good away. After his mum saves his life by sucking vomit from his lungs, he sets off in search of a reason to live. From Barnsley he heads to Texas. From Texas to Dorset. His days start with wine and cigarettes. His nights end in blackness. One day, he finds himself on the floor of a supermarket in a puddle of wine, glass, and blood. But between that floor and the end of a pier, everything changes.
Drowning is an addiction memoir that reads like a novel and will appeal to readers of James Frey and Augusten Burroughs.

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