Sober on a Drunk Planet - Sean Alexander

Book Details

Sober On A Drunk Planet: Giving Up Alcohol. The Unexpected Shortcut to Finding Happiness, Health and Financial Freedom

ISBN-13: 9798445127345

Author: Alexander, Sean

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Independently published

Published: 2022

Publisher's Synopsis

Giving up’ alcohol might sound daunting… But what are you actually giving up when you’re hungover on the sofa all day? Cutting out the booze can transform your life in unexpected ways.

We live in a culture that celebrates alcohol use as if it were somehow different from the drugs we place legal restrictions on.

We mark every occasion with alcohol, whether it’s a good day, bad day, new job, old job, divorce, wedding, funeral, birthday, holiday and the list goes on and on…you can always guarantee that someone, somewhere, is getting drunk… and it’s ‘normal’ to get drunk right?

Alcohol is the one drug, that if we have too much of it we are shamed for our behaviour, but if we decide not to drink, we are classed as boring. We live on a drunk planet.

Our love of alcohol is holding us back. Think about the last time you had a drink – even if you weren’t conscious of a hangover, you probably felt some effects.

Perhaps your head was a bit cloudy, or you took longer to get going in the morning.

Perhaps you were tired and reaching for the snacks to keep you going at the end of the day.

Maybe you had hopes and dreams before alcohol became a regular occurrence.

Alcohol is expensive, and it has side effects that go far beyond just having a headache the next day.

Imagine the difference in your life if you were to take those side effects away and save the money to fund what you really want to do with your life – and there’s a strong chance it involves something a whole lot more fulfilling than a glass of wine or bottle of beer.

Sober on a Drunk Planet: Giving Up Alcohol recognises how difficult it is to break free of drinking culture and provides you with all the motivation you need to kickstart a new life. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Why you need to reframe the idea of ‘giving up’ – and how doing so will make all the difference to your success
  • The incredible transformation you’ll see in your body when you stop drinking (there are subtle side effects you’re not even aware of until you stop)
  • Why your bank balance will thank you for cutting out alcohol (and it reaches far beyond the money you’ll save)
  • How alcohol affects every relationship in your life – and how its absence does the same (but with greater rewards)
  • The negative feedback loop you didn’t know you were creating – and how breaking free is the key to huge personal growth
  • What you can learn from David Bowie…the 12-step program and how cutting out alcohol creates the perfect space to do so
  • How to thrive as alcohol-free within an alcohol-obsessed workplace
  • Why choosing a life without drinks could be the answer to transforming your career
  • How to navigate the practicalities of being sober on a drunk planet – and why you’ll want to

And much more.

If the idea of giving up alcohol sounds like a sacrifice, think about what you’re giving up instead. Quality sleep… Time lost to hangovers… Money you could have used to transform your life…

Whether you’re a binge drinker, an end-of-day wine drinker, or a social drinker, you can transform your life by making a different choice. It isn’t just people who know they have a problem who stand to benefit from giving up alcohol – it’s everyone.

It all starts with making the decision to live a more fulfilling life… and who doesn’t want to do that?

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