Too Far Gone a Memoir - A.T Micalizzi

Too Far Gone a Memoir book cover

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Too Far Gone: An Addiction Memoir

ISBN-13: 9780692138229

ISBN-10: 0692138226

Author: Micalizzi, A. T.

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Frog Duck Productions

Published: 2018

Publisher's Synopsis

Too Far Gone is an emotional rollercoaster in the same vein as High Achievers and A Piece of Cake. Anthony and his mom, Diane, turn David and Nic Sheff’s harrowing addiction journey on its head in this one-of-a-kind addiction memoir.Diane is a fun-loving, intelligent, caring mother and wife when she is sober. Years of battling severe depression and anxiety from abuse in her youth led her to crippling alcoholism. She’s lost her friends, job, health, and tore her family apart. Her oldest child, Anthony, attempts to shrug off his own childhood of horrors to save his mom before she loses the only thing left…her life. Does he save his mom in time? Or does one more drink send her too far gone?