Women Going Sober - Boadi Moore

Women going sober - Boadi Moore

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Women Going Sober

ISBN-13: 978-0645716207

ISBN-10: 0645716200

Authors: Moore; Boadi

Publisher: Thorpe-Bowker

Published: 2023

Publisher's Synopsis

Have you thought about becoming sober but don’t know where to begin? Do you have spans of time where you’re alcohol-free only to falter because sobriety is difficult?

Finding the right attitude while working to get sober is a challenge for most. Family, friends, and partners often have a variety of advice and opinions on this subject, making it hard to accomplish your personal goals. The misconceptions of others hold us back when working toward a future of becoming free from alcohol’s grip.

For women, alcohol negatively impacts hormones, increases the risk of breast cancer, and has more of a direct connection to liver damage, heart disease, and brain damage than it does for men. Yet, the culture surrounding alcohol consumption continues to thrive in our society.

Because so many people view drinking alcohol as a casual, inconsequential activity, it’s difficult for us to separate ourselves from this popular, though misinformed, perspective.

It’s time to learn the truth about alcohol, sobriety, and a personal reframing process so you can empower yourself and change your life.

The tools to re-examine your relationship with alcohol exist, and the techniques within this book will allow women everywhere to make this positive transformation.

Learn how to reframe your mind so sobriety becomes second nature for you. Whether you’re just starting out on a journey to become sober, or you’ve struggled to find your way on this path, you’ll find the personal support and guidance you need within these chapters.

Inside Women Going Sober: An Empowerment Guide for Women Going Alcohol-Free and Embracing Being a Non-Drinker, discover:

  • how to recognize your sobriety wake-up call
  • proven methods to prioritize mental reframing
  • the science behind alcohol’s negative impact on the female body
  • ways to help you think about alcohol differently and understand the logic in staying sober
  • how to manifest positive thoughts to achieve results
  • personal stories and testimonials from other women who share their real experiences with alcohol and sobriety
  • methods of owning your new sober voyage

This easy-to-follow, enlightening guide is part of The Sisterhood Series written by women, for women with a focus on healing. It will replace the previous books you’ve tried and become your one-stop manual for gaining insight and understanding on your personal sober quest.

Plus, you’ll receive a FREE bonus JOURNAL to start reframing your life today. This elegant journal provides you with a workable space to tell your story, reflect on your accomplishments, and heal from alcohol addiction.

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