Soberful - Veronica Valli

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Soberful: Uncover a Sustainable, Fulfilling Life Free of Alcohol

ISBN-13: 9781683648291

ISBN-10: 1683648293

Author: Valli, Veronica

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Sounds True

Published:  2022

Publisher's Synopsis

How to stop drinking, stay stopped, and develop emotional skills for a life of excitement and connection … without the hangover. 

“No thanks–I’m not drinking tonight.” In a culture that equates alcohol with enjoyment and social acceptance, making this simple statement can make us feel like we’re depriving or even punishing ourselves. “When we realize we don’t want to drink anymore or can no longer drink safely, it can feel like the only choices are to spiral out of control or embrace a joyless life,” says psychotherapist and sobriety expert Veronica Valli. “But it’s not true! Sobriety can be a path filled with fun, excitement, belonging, relaxation, and romance.” Soberful offers a practical and straightforward program on how to get sober and stay sober by increasing your self-worth, energy, and participation in life. Valli begins by debunking widespread beliefs about alcohol and sobriety, including the illusion that alcohol itself is the problem. Then she takes you into the heart of her method for building an alcohol-free life that works–the Five Pillars of Sustainable Sobriety: Movement–Taking care of your body for physical and emotional health
– Connection–Using self-compassion as a foundation for creating healthy and authentic relationships
– Balance–Learning how to disarm the triggers that make you want to drink
– Process–Validating, honoring, and accepting the past to move forward into the future
– Growth–How to keep changing, keep learning, and keep choosing to stay sober throughout the journey of your life “When we change how we experience the world, we can stop trying to escape our feelings with alcohol,” Valli says. As a leader and pioneer in the field with 21 years of sobriety, Valli now shares the same steps that worked for her and her clients. Written with gentle humor and compassion, Soberful provides a road map to a life beyond drinking–one that is expansive, fulfilling, and joyously free.

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