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Fun in Sobriety
AA Living Sober
Sober and Out
Im Black and Im sober


Sober is Dope Pop Buchanan
sick as my secrets memoir
Mean Baby book cover
Punch me Up to the Gods
God and Starbucks
Sober is the New Black
Drunk Mom book
quitter a memoir of drinking relapse and recovery
Book cover for Dry. A Memoir by Augusten Burroughs
Book cover for Alcohol Lied to Me - Craig Beck ​
Book cover for Understanding Alcoholism by Linda Burlison
Book cover for Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand ​
Book Cover for How to Go Alcohol Free by Kate Bee
Book cover for Love Yourself Sober - Kate Baily and Mandy Manners
Sober for life by Richard Banks Book Cover


Angel on my shoulder - natalie cole
Healing Neen
Racing for Recovery book
There's more than one way to get to Cleveland
Last call a memoir book cover
Unhooked book cover
A womans way through the 12 steps book cover
The Easy way to Control Alcohol
Book cover for Nothing Good Can Come from This by Kristi Coulter
Book Cover for The Sober Survival Guide by Simon Chapple


mindful drinking book cover
My Fair Junkie book
Book cover for Alcohol and You - Lewis David
Book cover for Mrs D is Going Without - Lotta Dann
Book cover for Mrs D is Going Within by Lotta Dann
Book cover for Quit Drinking by Rebecca Dalton

E - F

when your partner has an addiction
The 12 Steps for Agnsotics Book
The Cure for Alcoholism


The 12 Steps for Agnsotics Book


Intoxicating Lies Meg Geisewite
happy healthy sober book cover
A hard kick in the nuts book cover
Book cover for This Naked Mind - Annie Grace
Book cover for The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober by Catherine Gray
Book cover for The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace
Book cover for This Isn't Me by Sonia Grimes
Book Cover for Glorious Rock Bottom - Bryony Gordon
Sunshine Warm Sober book cover

H - I

Sober Cycle book cover
Miracles of Recovery Harriet Hunter
My Not so Secret recovery Book Cover
Book cover for Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget - Sarah Hepola


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Book cover for From the Brink of the Drink - Karla Juvonen​
Book cover for The Recovering by Leslie Jamison


Lit a Memoir
Strung Out book
Parched book cover


Drinking games sarah levy
when your partner has an addiction
The optimistic Drunk Book
Between the Lines Book
Unashamed Lecrae
Book cover for From Rock Bottom to Forever Sober by Susan Laurie
Book Cover for The Lush Sober by Amanda Eyre Ward and Jardine Libaire

M - N

Women going sober - Boadi Moore
The Day I Woke Up Dead book cover
parenting through your adult child addiction
Too Far Gone a Memoir book cover
In the realm of hungry ghosts
Push Off from Here - Laura McKowen
I Don't take requests Tony
Book Cover We Are the Luckiest by Laura McKowen
Book cover for Love Yourself Sober - Kate Baily and Mandy Manners


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Sober as F***

O - P

Sober as F***
Letting go of the thief
Clean Book cover
Alcohol Recovery For Women
Book cover for Living with an Alcoholic Husband - Cherry Parker​
Book cover for Drowning: A Memoir - Andy Palmer
Book Cover for The Sober Diaries - Clare Pooley


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Q - R

The Sober Revolution cover
Book cover for Life After Living with an Alcoholic - Jacqui Rosser


Sobriety in Black
addiction in the family book cover
Sober Evolution
Girl Walks Out of a Bar
Leaving the Rest
Rewired book cover
High Sobriety book


Im never drinking again book
rational recovery book cover
My Suicide Race
The Sober Revolution cover


men we reaped a memoir
Sober spirituality Erin Jean Warde
You are not stuck Becky Vollmer
A Parents Guide to Teen Addiction
AA Big Book
Healing the Addicted Brain
Why you drink and how to stop
between breaths book
Book cover for Kick the Drink...Easily! - Jason Vale​
Book Cover for Sober Curious by Ruby Warrington
Book cover for Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker
Book Cover for The Lush Sober by Amanda Eyre Ward and Jardine Libaire


Its not about the wine celeste yvonne
Book cover for You Left Early: A True Story of Love and Alcohol - Louisa Young